Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The break-up & make-up Garden Party Dress

Its finally done!  
I startet the GPD weeks ago. It was love at first sight when I saw it over at
 Honig Design. You can read more of this very bumpy making-of-a-dress here.
I startet from scratch a few days ago whit a new GPD and a new fabric. And this time I took it one size up and lost the arms ( will post when it is finnished).
I had a nagging feeling that my relasionship to this dress was'nt quite over. 
So in the awaiting for a zipper for the next GPD, I took out my old "break-up".
I had to make it work! 
So I put in new darts in the back, just smaller, for a better fit, allso the armpits were waaaay to tight, so i put in gussets! That worked! And I sewed in a layer of fabric behind the seetrough lace. Because, well, you could se right in to my hoo-ha....
Thats and other thing, i feel the dress is way to short. But perhaps it will work great whit wool longies and boots?....

Anyways, i really like it, even though the inside looks like a warzone! But I have learned a great deal making this dress, and like I said, I am almost finnished whit a second;)


  1. Fantastic! I'm happy you gave it another go :) Looking forward to seeing the sleeveless version too!
    I'd love to add this to my renditions gallery if you don't mind? Happy stitching x

  2. Yea, please do so :) Hope the next one will be up soon:)

  3. It looks so lovely! I'm looking forward to seeing the other version. I tried to comment on this yesterday but couldn't, not sure if it was my computer or not but thought I'd let you know in case anyone else had difficulties :) Gorgeous!

  4. Thank You Katy! I hope no one else har difficulties whit posting..:/
    The next dress will hopefully be posted tomorrow :)

  5. It is lovely, I like it a lot! I know what you mean though, I have had projects like that too. It's nice when they work out in the end!

  6. Thank you for your comment:) it is true, I can often feel a little overvelmed and sometimes just give up. But then it helps to just take a breather, and pick up where you left whith a new perspective:)

  7. I love that you came back to it - I really must do that with some of my UFOs ;) Thanks for commenting on my GPD ;) I look forward to seeing what you make next.

  8. Congratulations!!! I love that your arm gussets worked a treat! And I can't wait to see your sleeveless version ;)

  9. Thank you for youre comments Macinic! I am just now finnishing up the sleeveless GPD and of the weather allows it, I`ll step outside and get some photos:) I am really happy whit it:D


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