Friday, April 26, 2013

Preparing for the Mathilde Blouse

It is finally on!
I have been wanting to make the Mathilde Blouse ever since I saw it over at Sleek Silhouette`s.
But it is not before a few days ago I bought the pattern. I even bought the fabric loooong before the pattern!
Does any one else do that?? hehe...
So yesterday, after the kids went to bed, I started figuring out my size (heeey... I lost some weight! )
and drafted the pattern. For me, this is often a very time consuming prosess...
so when I am finnished whit the patterndrafting and fabric cutting, then it is of the bed. Or the couch.

So that is what I did yesterday...

(sorry about the poor picture. I used my mobile..)
This fabric is really amazing! It is light cotton, and kind of semi sheer. I am shure it will look great as a Mathilde Blouse!
And I managed whit only 1,5 meter!! Gosh! It was touch and go for a second there! But it was JUST enough! The pattern description says 1,5-2 yard, so I was a bit off.... But I had to take a chance. 
Hopefully, it will be ready until sunday for me to wear.
 Were a having a party for my little girl who`s turning 6! 
Gosh, how time flyes by....


  1. I almost purchased that fabric! I can't wait to see it, I'm sure it will be beautiful.

  2. Haha! well there you go:) I`m shure It will look great to;)


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