Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The search for the Perfect Chanel jacket-pattern

Let me tell you right now; this is not a easy task! 
There are sooooo many chanel-like patterns out there, and I cant seem to wrap my head around them, or to deside on which one that is the right one for me.

This is what I got so far:

As fare as I can se, this is a very popular choise amongst sewers.
But seeing as I am not perticulary experienced, this one scares me off a bit...

The next one is this:

I looooove the color! But unfortunately, yellow is not for me... 
But the design and shape is great! I`m keeping a finger on this one. 

And this one.. An easy, sophisticated look. Exactly what I need.

And then there is this one....

It has nothing to do with Chanel, but I fell completely for it!
So now remains to chose from all of these, and I do not know what to do...

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