Saturday, April 13, 2013

Eating outdoors and new coffe mugs!

You probably wont believe it, but it`s actually spring! At least thats what the calendar says...
We are in the middle of april, and it is just about 8-12 degrees Celsius in the sun. 
It is sooooo good in comparison to the -10 Celsius we`ve had for so long no.
Can you believe that mars month last year we had 20 + degrees Celsius!?! That even warmer than 
we usually have at summertime!
That has not happened in a hundred-something-years, and was not likely to happen again.
So, this is what we got. At least the sun is shining :) and life is goood:)

The other day, after I picked the kids in kindergardet, we went home and had dinner outside.
We had pancakes in the garden, and just really soaked up those warming rays of sun. 
It was fantastic, and the kids thought is was great fun to have their dinner outside.

Olivia, always ready to pose for the camera!

The snow is finally starting to melt!
All the snow had left about 2 weeks ago, but THEN! Last weekend the snowfairy desided we
had`nt had nearly enough, so she gave us more and more and more! 
But I really hope this is it! Bring me the spring! 

And oh! Check out my new coffee mugs!
Yeah! I have been longing for this since christmas, and now I finnaly got some home for my self!
I love the simple retro design and the colors. These are called Retro and are designed by a swedish company called Sagaform.  I love it!

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