Sunday, March 31, 2013

Shop Update

Today I updatet my shop at
Just saying ;)

You can find my shop here.
I have allso startet a sale on a few of the items.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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Vintage Wedding preparation

Before you all get you`re nickers in a twist..
I`m not the one getting married! 
That would be my sweet little sister (who`s not so little anymore!...)
The wedding is not until september, but as we all know, 
weddings need lots and lots of preparation. After all, an outfit does`nt
"make it self"... I am making it! (mine, that is...)

I have always had a weak spot for those vintage dresses. 
I dont know if it is the fabric, and the fact that there is a lot of it!
The colours, the big poofy skirts, the silouette or simply just the elegant idea of sweeping 
around in a big gown all day.
Does`nt matter! I want one!

So that is why I have been searching the internett for the perfect vintage dress for
me to wear to my sisters wedding. 
But I just cant seem to make up my mind. 

There are soooo many patterns to chose from, and the time spent looking for 
the "right" one, is very fun, but time consuming...

Anyway, these patterns are a few of my favourits, and most of them have a shape and
figure that I think I can pull of. I hope!... Witch one`s Youre favourit?

I never made a vintage dress before, so I have a few questions.
By all means, please give me the answers if You have them! 

1. Are the "poof" in the skirt really as "poofy" as the cover shows? Or do I need something under it?
2. Do you need a waist as small as the models on the cover has? otherwise I`m damned.
3. Do I need a seam bust to make my dress? ( I se a lot of bloggers havee that...)
and finally...4. Is It difficult to make a dress after a vintage pattern?

The internet is FULL of sites where you can find these treasures! 
Here are some of the sites:

and mutch, mutch more :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Birthday hats

My oldest was invited to a birthday party today to a boy from kinderkarden.
I make the birthday presents as I often as I can, for example here and here.

The birthday boy got these to hats, so now he should be ready for spring :)

Fabrics are from Mylly Muksut

Big decisions

If you saw this post yesterday, you remember that I was looking for a pattern 
wich i could use my faboules green merino yarn on :)

I feel like I scanned the intire Ravelry, and offcours, I found lots and lots 
of patterns I wanted to make, but the truth is that I have only 300 grams of yarns, 
so I had to find the pattern whit the "right" amount of yarn.
These were the chosen ones:

All patterns are soooo nice, but I had to cut them for various reasons, like amount of yarn, yardage and wrong gauge.....

Soooo.... Then I remembered that I just bought this book from Pickles 
and from the very first time I saw it, I instantly fell for it!
This one:

(picture from You can find the pattern here. Allso in english!)

Pickles have soooo many great patterns for women and children in all sizes.
You should really check it out! Again.... the site can allso be seen in english.

I startet testing the gauge today, outside, while the kids were playing. But unfortunately 
it was so cold that my fingers froze. 

Can you imagine this in green? I can :D
I really think it will turn out great!
I have never tried this specific technique, called the rasberry knit. Pickles allso have a great video on it, so there is really no problem. Just remember to not knit TO tight!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Signal Green?...

So, I love green! I really do! But personally I`m kind of an "army" green or "moss"-green kind of type.
Those colours suit me. But none the less, I love other kinds of green to!
And when my local yarn store had 30 % of ALL wool yarns today, 
I skipped on over (even if my wallet was empty) and saw these 6 bundles of lovely green baby merino wool from DROPS Garnstudio <3 <3 <3

I HAD to have them! Even tough it`s not a colour I wear, it could be!
I mean, this would be soooo cool to make a cardigan, ore something like that.
I only hope it is enough... 600 grams...?
(searching Ravelry as we speak!)

Here is a picture of the loveliness and it is so soft!

I would have bought lots and lots more wool yarn at this sale, but you know...
the wallet-thing.....

Friday, March 15, 2013

Great Giveaway at Sydilla!

I <3love<3 Sydilla! They have soooo many great colourfull fabrics, and the service is superb!
Sydilla is now having this great giveaway whit lots of presents! 

Ta-daaaa!... The main prize!

And a few other great prizes...

Good Luck!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

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Big Steps! Going English!

I have had in my mind for some time now, that maybe I should pick it up a notch
and bring my blog to (hopefully!) a new level...? 
And buy doing that, I mean turning my blog in to a language that allmost the entire world
can understand. The great "english"! Soooo many other bloggers around the world 
does it, so why not me? 
Allso, I would have to change the name of my blog to something more
understandable then "Trollemors Hverdag" (witch buy the way means Troll Mothers Everyday-life. 
Not that I am one! A troll I mean... although I am sure some would disagree..haha)

But I have to sleep on that one for a while, and not rush it. 
Anyways, I like changes, and I think this would make a great one! And hopefully I will
get a few more readers? Who knows...

Along this new path of mine, I will allso try to translate my old posts so that they are readable for the great people of this planet. 

Have a lovely evening! 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Giwe avay- Handmade boka!

Nå kan du være så heldig å vinne denne boka som kommer ut i april!
Det er en samlebok med 50 av de "beste symønstrene" av norske designere.
Jeg vet iallefall at jeg har veldig lyst å vinne den! 

Følg denne linken til utlodningen!

Friday, March 1, 2013


Nå nærmer det seg slutt på min beholdning av Mylly stoffer, men tro meg, 
det blir ikke siste gang jeg kjøper det!

Jeg hadde litt igjen, og det fikk bli til disse bittesmå, herlige babyluene:

The last bits of this lovely Merino woll from Mylly Myksut, and I decided to make these cute babyhats and cowls

og disse buffene:

Den blå har jeg lagt min elsk på og allerede tatt i bruk:)
Disser flotte både som buff og pannebånd og passer barn og voksne.
Samtlige varer på alle bildene er forøvrig til salgs. Bare spør meg om pris:)

This blue one is for me:) Love the colour:)

En ullgenser til

Jeg likte så godt resultatet av denne ullgenseren som jeg sydde av det 
røde piggvinstoffet, at jeg sydde like så godt en til.

Denne er i størrelse 98/104 
og er til salgs. Du kan se mer om det på FB-siden min