Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Vintage Wedding preparation

Before you all get you`re nickers in a twist..
I`m not the one getting married! 
That would be my sweet little sister (who`s not so little anymore!...)
The wedding is not until september, but as we all know, 
weddings need lots and lots of preparation. After all, an outfit does`nt
"make it self"... I am making it! (mine, that is...)

I have always had a weak spot for those vintage dresses. 
I dont know if it is the fabric, and the fact that there is a lot of it!
The colours, the big poofy skirts, the silouette or simply just the elegant idea of sweeping 
around in a big gown all day.
Does`nt matter! I want one!

So that is why I have been searching the internett for the perfect vintage dress for
me to wear to my sisters wedding. 
But I just cant seem to make up my mind. 

There are soooo many patterns to chose from, and the time spent looking for 
the "right" one, is very fun, but time consuming...

Anyway, these patterns are a few of my favourits, and most of them have a shape and
figure that I think I can pull of. I hope!... Witch one`s Youre favourit?

I never made a vintage dress before, so I have a few questions.
By all means, please give me the answers if You have them! 

1. Are the "poof" in the skirt really as "poofy" as the cover shows? Or do I need something under it?
2. Do you need a waist as small as the models on the cover has? otherwise I`m damned.
3. Do I need a seam bust to make my dress? ( I se a lot of bloggers havee that...)
and finally...4. Is It difficult to make a dress after a vintage pattern?

The internet is FULL of sites where you can find these treasures! 
Here are some of the sites:

and mutch, mutch more :)


  1. I wish I could help with your questions, but I only bought my first vintage pattern this weekend! These all look lovely.....good luck!

  2. Hi and thanks for you`re respons:)
    Do you mind me asking, what kind of pattern you bought? :)


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