Sunday, March 17, 2013

Big decisions

If you saw this post yesterday, you remember that I was looking for a pattern 
wich i could use my faboules green merino yarn on :)

I feel like I scanned the intire Ravelry, and offcours, I found lots and lots 
of patterns I wanted to make, but the truth is that I have only 300 grams of yarns, 
so I had to find the pattern whit the "right" amount of yarn.
These were the chosen ones:

All patterns are soooo nice, but I had to cut them for various reasons, like amount of yarn, yardage and wrong gauge.....

Soooo.... Then I remembered that I just bought this book from Pickles 
and from the very first time I saw it, I instantly fell for it!
This one:

(picture from You can find the pattern here. Allso in english!)

Pickles have soooo many great patterns for women and children in all sizes.
You should really check it out! Again.... the site can allso be seen in english.

I startet testing the gauge today, outside, while the kids were playing. But unfortunately 
it was so cold that my fingers froze. 

Can you imagine this in green? I can :D
I really think it will turn out great!
I have never tried this specific technique, called the rasberry knit. Pickles allso have a great video on it, so there is really no problem. Just remember to not knit TO tight!


  1. Hey :) I really loved the two first patterns from Ravelry. Do you have the exact link to those? Or some clue for me to find them?

    Lovely blog you have :) ^^ Have a nice week :)

    1. Off course! Try these out:


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