Thursday, April 24, 2014


... what do you do when you have been obsessed whit a pattern for days, even weeks? You buy it, draft it and cut it. But then it stoppes!... The pattern pieces lay there, untop of the intended fabric, and nothing happens. Nothing! For days and days.....
That is what has happened to me! I had my heart set on a very spoken-off pattern for my daughter, but then suddenly all my sewing-mojo for this dress were gone! Wanished in thin air.....

So my question to you guys is this;
In times like these, what do you do? Do you simply abandon the whole thing? Or do you push through it? Because in the very beginning the idea of the pattern and product was quite good, and the chance that the exitement will be back when you get startet are quite relative? Or is it just a waste of time and effort?

You see, my problem is that if I dont have fun while sewing, I get really upset. And things tend to go wrong whit everything! But on the other hand, the dress is in the back of my head everytime I enter my sewing room. It is giving me all kinds of guilty feelings, and I dont need that! I have enough on my plate!

So how would you approach this? Would you just continue and get done whit it? Do nothing and keep feeling the overwhelming guilt? Or are you actually able to forget all about it for as long as it is necessary, and continue when you are ready?

I think a big part of my problem is this: The "good girl"-syndrom! We all have it! The overwhelming feeling of having to please everyone all the time. To be honest, I`m not so good at it....
Right now I am torn beetween sewing what I really want, or finnish something I started....
I just wanna sew and be happy!

Where are you guys on this?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Have You met Lola?

...she`s all over the web, these days! Infact, It feels like there has been a Lola-invation. I`m just fashionable late to the party. I must admit though, I did`nt reallly notice the dress when I saw it on Victory patterns webshop. I am not shure why, but lets face it! It`s allways a bit more interesting when you se the patterns on "real" people. Am I right?..... (say yes...) A few of my other favourit Lolas were made by Kate who made hers whit the coolest leather pockets, Tillys version was the first one I saw. And then there is Katies version.
All of these versions are so different from each other. Thats how versatile this pattern is!

The Lola dress is allso very comfortable! AND you get to look nice at the same time! Who does`nt want comfortable and nice at the same time?? For me, comfy trumps nice almost any time. But whit the Lola dress, I dont even have to choose. Heck, I`ll even wear this to work! It`s a hacked version of the classic collage sweater, just longer so that you can wear it as a dress. I wear them whit thights and short or high boots.

It has been a couple of weeks since I made this dress, but it was`nt before today that I got someone to catch it on camera. Pluss, we had lovely weather, and that allways helps.

The fabric I bought at . The pattern calles for a knit fabric such as French terry knit or a knit fleece. I bought a french terry, but I was suprised when it arrived, because it was thinner than I imagined it would be. In fact, it was more like a regular jersey knit. BUT, the quality was great and very comfortable, so I was happy whit it.

I have the sun in  my eyes, but ok... I`ll give it a go...

Biiiiig pockets!

Really not bad from the behind, either...

I am quite happy about the results! But be aware, and I read this about an other bloggers version of the Lola allso. The neckline binding is a little big. When my dress was finnished, the neckline was a bit slouchy and shapeless. After a few days I cut it off, shortened it and sewed it back on. And allso, I think I easly could have gone down a size on my regurlar size. This was a size 10. I think....
I really want to make an other one right now!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Red Riding Hood cape

Jepp, thats right! I made a costume piece! *hands up*.
I allways wanted to be the kind of mum who makes her kids costumes, and I did a few times, but nothing fancy schmansy, just the kind of "take something here and ad something there*-kind of costumes. Shaaaameeee.....
But who would have known, that my firs machine sewn, home-made, thoroughly done costume was for my sister? My very grown up (at least her i.d. says so...) sister! But when I think about it, it really doesnt surprise me. Haha...
I should allso ad to the story that she was going to an adult costume party (not the nasty kind, all though, I did hear some stories afterwords...).
She wanted to go as Red Riding Hood, but was missing a long, red cape. So I searched the allmighty Pinterest, and found this great hooded cape pattern at Fleecefun. FOR FREE!
The pattern was a print-at-home pdf, and had three different lenghts. We went for the longest.
This was a really quick fix, as you dont really have to sew the edges when you sew whit fleece, because the edges won`t rip.
I lined the hood whit a "picnic-checkered" pattern in red and white. This really put a great finnishing touch over it. And to close the cape, we added a white silky ribbon.

Monday, April 7, 2014

A spring fling outfit

There is no doubt about it, SPRING is here! Allthough, that doesnt mean that the temperatures wont go down to freezing point at night, and I still have had to clear some ice from my car windows a few times in the morning before going to work. BUT! It is sunny when we wake up, the garden is packed whit daffodils, birds are chirping and temperatures are rising as we are able to play outside whitout wearing mittens.
It`s all good!

I took my daughter outside to model this new outfit that I made for a very special birthday girl.
Safe to say, she was very happy whit the gift. For the main fabric I used a french Terry from Stylish Fabric.
I had expected that the french terry would be a little thicker, but this reminded me a little more of regurlar jersey. But whit that said, it was a suuuper soft fabric, and the quality seems to be quite good!
For the pocket and headband, I used some scraps I had from a swedish fabric shop. I have allready made quite a few items whit this fabric, like this vest and this hat.

I have made headbands like these before, but I came up whit a super easy way to make them, (even easier than these, can you imagine??) that is so quick, you`ll make a bunch in no time! I`ll make shure to make a tutorial for those later:)

So there we were, outside in the morning spring, soaking up a few rays of sun. you know... just picking us some dafodils and listening to the birds tweeting around. Totally normal at 9 o`klock on a saturday morning.