Monday, April 7, 2014

A spring fling outfit

There is no doubt about it, SPRING is here! Allthough, that doesnt mean that the temperatures wont go down to freezing point at night, and I still have had to clear some ice from my car windows a few times in the morning before going to work. BUT! It is sunny when we wake up, the garden is packed whit daffodils, birds are chirping and temperatures are rising as we are able to play outside whitout wearing mittens.
It`s all good!

I took my daughter outside to model this new outfit that I made for a very special birthday girl.
Safe to say, she was very happy whit the gift. For the main fabric I used a french Terry from Stylish Fabric.
I had expected that the french terry would be a little thicker, but this reminded me a little more of regurlar jersey. But whit that said, it was a suuuper soft fabric, and the quality seems to be quite good!
For the pocket and headband, I used some scraps I had from a swedish fabric shop. I have allready made quite a few items whit this fabric, like this vest and this hat.

I have made headbands like these before, but I came up whit a super easy way to make them, (even easier than these, can you imagine??) that is so quick, you`ll make a bunch in no time! I`ll make shure to make a tutorial for those later:)

So there we were, outside in the morning spring, soaking up a few rays of sun. you know... just picking us some dafodils and listening to the birds tweeting around. Totally normal at 9 o`klock on a saturday morning.

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