Saturday, October 19, 2013

What`s all the fuzz about?!

Why, it`s the Bimaa sweater offcourse! This pattern has been going around like the flu!
It is the masterpiece of Sarah from EmmylouBeeDoo, and I feel like EVERYONE is talking about it.
Sarah is just wrapping up a Bimaa sweater tour. Hop on over to her blog and check out all the participants.

I finally got around to making a sample of my own, because I was very corious about what all the fuzz whas about. And let me tell you! This pattern is genious! And easy! And quick! And the kids LOVE it! It looks supercomfy. Infact, I wish it came in my size.....

Shes a monkey, this one...

She loves the big, soft cowl.

Not so shure about the very buzy flower-patterned pants matching up whit
the very buzy patterned sweater......

This is definately a pattern I will make over and over again! Lov it! You should give it a go, and join the
Bimaa sweater-fever!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Little boy`s pants

I have mentioned it before; I love making baby clothes!
And even though I dont have babies anymore, (mine are 6 and 3 now! Yikes!),
I sometimes make the cutest little outfits. They are great to have around whenever someone announces a birth, or a birthday.
This time I made baby boy pants. The fabrics are leftovers from a sweater I made for my son.
It has the cutest little pockets whit a rhino and a turtle. And the waist has a high ribbing for great support for the little guy.
This is the kind of pants I used to, and still make, for my son, because they are great for crawling and climbing (when older) and allso confortable.
This one will be waiting in my drawer until someone claimes it. Ooooor... I get to use it my self :D

Saturday, October 5, 2013

My own designed Pussy Bow Blouse. And a tutorial!

(Furthest down the post you`ll find pictures of my blouse.)

What is you`re first thought when you think of a pussy bow?
After giving it a litte thought, this is what popped up in my head:

But obviously, thats not what we want in a pussy bow blouse...

I decided pretty acutely that I wanted, no, infact needed a pussy bow blouse. 
I had seen them around for quite som time, but whit just like my new Laurel Dress, it did`nt feel right to me.
But our minds works in mysterious ways, `cause suddenly I was convinced!
So I startet to trace pictures on Pinterest, and the options are allmost countless. I knew I had to find some great inspirational pictures, because I did`nt have any patterns available. 
These pictures from Salme Patterns here and Tilly And The Buttons here are the pictures closest to what I wanted. 
Since I`ve recently made Colette Patterns Laurel Dress, and I was familiar to the arm-pattern there, I used The Laurel patterns as a start for the bodice and arms.

My inspirational board.

Now, in my search for "How to make a pussy bow blouse-tutorial", the results were poor. I mostly used the pictures I have over my sewing machine. It was very forward really, but at the same time I felt like I needed a little assistens. But mostly I was on my own. I sort of figured it out my self, but for the interest of others in the search of a "How to make a pussy bow blouse-tutorial", I decided to take pictures of the process as I went.

A good start is to find a pattern that you know works as a bodice and arms. The only differens really, is that instead of a collor, you make a long tie to attatch to the neck.
I desided to open the bodice right at the front. If you take a look at Salmes Pussy bow blouse, you se what I mean. Allso I took the idea from Tilly, to ruche the bodice in the front. Like she did here.

Now, to my tutorial (a simple one...):

First I cut two pieces for the "tie". I started measuring from the middle of the neck. Measure all the way to the front. Make shure that you measure close along the neck opening. Then you add the length of the tie (as long as you want it. All in all, mine was about 70 cm long (make two) and about 8 cm wide. Remember to make it long enouch to make a bow, if that is what you want! Mine was just to short...)

Then stitch the two pieces together at their ends, so that you have 2 x 70 cm = 140 cm tie. Match the center of the tie to the center of the neckline, and pin it down. The (terrible lined) red in the picture is were I tried to show you where I pinned mine down. Pin the tie right side facing the right side of the blouse.
Then you stitch it down whit you`re machine.
(But dont stitch all the way to the end of the tie, only around the neclkline!)

When you are done whit the stitching, fold the tie over (double it), and tuck it under once more so that the raw edge is hidden. Pin it down neatly. 

Thats right!

Now, turn you`re work and place it under you`re needle. It is time for some "stitchin` in the ditch". But this time, start out at one end of the tie, while you tuck the raw edges inside, (see picture below)  hiding them. Stitch at the outer edge of the tie, following all the way up to where the neckline starts. Here starts the "stitchin`in the ditch". Make shure you sew down the fold on the backside of the blouse as well. 
Follow the neckline all the way around, and to the other end of the tie.

When you`re finnished, press everything whit you`r iron. 

Thats is! 
And now for my end results:

I must admit, I had a little problem whit the neckline there. It sort of falls back.
Have to adjust that the next time...

See the ruches at the bodice?

The split opening at the neckline.

I really like how it turned out! I must say, this thing whit making my own patterns is fun!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The green crèpe-Laurel Dress

Colettes Laurel Dress has been around for a while now, and I must admit, my liking for this pattern was`nt exactly instantly there. It took me quite a while to appreciate it, since I was surtain it would give a sort of a stomach-highlighting silhouette. But then I kept seeing more and more of these Laurels on Pinterest, especially Julia`s and Lexi`s, and Sue`s versions! They are just adorable!
Maybe theres something about the Laurel Dress afterall that`s worth it? I mean, If mine could only look like theirs! So, off I went to the cutting table, right after I bought the PDF pattern at Collettes.

I had about 4 yards with a green, thin, crepe fabric that I bough a couple of months ago. It was originally ment for a dress for my mother at my sisters wedding, but plans changed. And the fabric has just been laying there.

Just let me tell you; cutting thin crèpe is NOT an easy thing! It moves ALL over!
But the dress was very easy to put together! No worries there!
I had read that some people had difficulties whit the fitting of the Laurel, and having to move darts and stuff.
I did`nt have to go there, because it fitted just super:)

I interfaced the neckline whit a matching biastape, and handstitched it in place on the inside.
I have found this to be a very relaxing and allmost meditating part of the process. I get in to my own little bubble when I am consentrating on getting the stitches right, making shure they dont show on the outside.
Is this just me?? 

Lets see some pictures!

Oh yea.... I made pockets.... This must have been the hardest and most time consuming part of the whole pattern! I guess the crepe fabric made it extra difficult. 

I should hold on, in case I should fall... or something...
By the way, the scarf is allso me-made. (finally! I got that on record...)

I used a couple of vintage buttons from my grandmothers BIG buttonstash, wich I inheritated. 
I think the button and lace makes an interesting detail on a pretty forward dress like the Laurel.

Well, this definitely calls for many more Laurels!  The options are endless! Just take a look at all the verions on Pinterest for example!