Thursday, October 17, 2013

Little boy`s pants

I have mentioned it before; I love making baby clothes!
And even though I dont have babies anymore, (mine are 6 and 3 now! Yikes!),
I sometimes make the cutest little outfits. They are great to have around whenever someone announces a birth, or a birthday.
This time I made baby boy pants. The fabrics are leftovers from a sweater I made for my son.
It has the cutest little pockets whit a rhino and a turtle. And the waist has a high ribbing for great support for the little guy.
This is the kind of pants I used to, and still make, for my son, because they are great for crawling and climbing (when older) and allso confortable.
This one will be waiting in my drawer until someone claimes it. Ooooor... I get to use it my self :D


  1. Hei igjen :) er til stadighet innom og ser på alt det fine du syr ! Masse fint !!

  2. Tusen takk FruRa! Det var veldig kjekt å høre:)


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