Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The official closing of Google Reader - Are You following me?

I dont have a lot of readers, but the ones I have, I really apreciate!
So that is why I am hoping that you guys will follow me over at Bloglovin.com
when Google is closing down google reader (I am shure you`ve heard about it...)

Just use the "Follow me on Bloglovin"-button on the side-bar!

Hope to se y`all  there! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Aalesund dress, a very interesting and uniqe piece of clothing!

As told in this post, it was Norwayw national day.
Its the day summer arrived. It is very unusual for my town to have over 15 degrees Celsius this early at spring. May 17th is usually cold and windy. And even snowing! It is known to happen!.
But this year was amazing! We had over 25 celsius. And it was really warm in our bunad wich is made from thick wool. 
Obviously, the designer did`nt have this kind of weather in mind when it was made....
Now, i want to show you something that is very special to me. It is designed by my aunt, and was made for my hometown Aalesunds anniversery about 15 years ago.
It has embroideries from known  characteristics of Aalesund.  My town is known for its Jugend Stile, and this has been used on the embroideries on the dress. The design is allso inpired by the middleage, as you can see by the belt in the waist whit the knife. 
There are only four of these dresses, therefore it is extra special to me. I got it as a gift for my communion at age 15.

I have some detailed pictures for you:)

And a picture of my family (offcourse, no one is ever inable to look at the camera and smile at once...)

My daughter has the girl version. The only one.

A few pictures from may 17th, our national day:

17th of May, Norways National day and a little about what we wear (A LOT OF PICTURES!)

Friday the 17th was Norways national day.
A very special day that we look forward to every year,  especially the children.
Now, I am pretty shure a lot of you never heard about this day, therefor I am going to give you 
an insight on this very special day.

Everyone knows what a parade is, and you have probably seen one to.
But whats different whit the one we have in Norway on May 17th, is that its FULL of children. 
We call it the "childrensparade", or  "Barne-tog". 
We dress up in what we call a "bunad". These come in all shapes and colours (allmost). And everyone is uniqe and symbols the town/region from were it originates from.
 Picture time!

This one is from my homecity!

And the headpieces! Wow!

I could go on and on...
And lets not forget about the men, people!!

That`s a lot of pictures, and they never stop (Google), so I have to...
But you catch my drift? 

If you want to read up on what a "bunad" is then check Wikipedias description.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Salme Patterns

Allthough this is not a commercial post, It might look that way.
But when I see or buy something I really like, I dont hesitate to let people know.

I have been looking at the Salme Patterns over et Etsy many times, 
but I never had the guts to order something there. But when she had 5 patterns for $29 I could`nt resist it!
And these are the patterns that I got:

(whit permission from SalmePatterns herself to use the pictures)

I think all of them are SOOO lovely, that I dont know where to begin!
But I have been saying for quite some time now that I need more tops.
And now I have no excuse! :D
Buy the way, they are all PDF patterns, so now longing and waiting over the mailbox.
A quick print, and you have them in youre hands. Nothing is better then that!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Garden Party Dress #2 Sleeveless version

I have been waiting for this moment for soooo long! 
My second Garden Party Dress is finally finnished!
This time I did a few changes, since I literally screwed the first one up...
But this time I knew what to do, and at least what NOT to do.
First of all, I went one size up, sinc the bodice was to tight on the first one.
I allso skipped the arms, and may I say; It looks freak`n nice! hehe....
It makes a sweet summerdress.

*cool and calm*

I allso cut the neck-split about 3-4 cm longer down then the pattern says. 
I think that suits me better.
Allso, the skirt goes under the knee. I have lined the bodice whit a brown-goldish silk-like fabric. 
Thats an other thing I have never done.... I like new things:)

Oh yes! Pockets! I LOVE pockets! Allso new for me.

The fabric is some sort of cotton, and has a feel of linen to it.  I bought it on Etsy from a Japanese seller. Nice prices and great quality. The colour is somewhat army-moss green. As you know, I love green.

So.. what is the verdict? Does it pass as a Garden Party Dress? 
I think this will do well as a party as in the office.
Right no I am knitting my ass of to finnish a cardigan to go over it for friday. Then it is Norways national day! Hurra! 
Another post about that later, with lots of history and what we wear in Norway on such a day. 
And I am pretty shure it is like nothing you have EVER seen before! Looking forward to it :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Mathilde Blouse! and a giveaway....

What a beautyfull piece of clothing!
I finally finnished my Mathilde Blouse, wich I have been longing for ever since I saw it at 
It has everything that I love in a blouse! And when I found this fabric, I knew exectly what to make of it.

I was in a transe a few days, making the blouse. The patter says 2-2,5 meter, ans alltough I dont want to recomend it, I just barely managed whit the 1,5 meters I had. *phew*

The pattern was a delight to work with, and the descriptions were simple. But if you`re like me, a "not-so-very-experienced-with-sewing-teqnuices", then Tilly has these SUPER tutorials that takes you step by step trough every little details of the patterns here, down on the page. And the pattern tells you to make french seems, wich I did. And they look smashing!! All over, my blouse has a very crisp and neet look and feel over it. BUT, sadly I made it to small :( Unfortunately it is a little tight over the chest area and the armpits. 
perheps it doesnt look small, but it is enough to make me feel uncomfirtable and slightly claustrophobic. 
It won`t do much good in my closet, so I am giving it away to one lucky "follower" of my blog! 

Here are the rules:

1. Follow me on Blogger.com and you get 1 ticket.
2. Follow me on Bloglovin, and get 1 ticket.

(It goes without saying that you get two tickets for both...let me know on you`re commenting wich one you take)

I will draw a winner of this lovely blouse in about two weeks (I`ll set the date later....) 

And now, some pictures.....

I made it in size 4 after the patterns measurements. 
But obviously I should have made at least a size 5, maybe 6. And I will, the next time:)
So this blouse here is probably a medium, on the smaller range ( a small/medium).
The buttons are so beautyfull, sorry I dont have close-up on them, but they are made of metal, and have the colours of silver and bronze as they shift a little.
It is a little on the short side, but it looks smashing whit a pair of high weisted jeans!

Good Luck!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The break-up & make-up Garden Party Dress

Its finally done!  
I startet the GPD weeks ago. It was love at first sight when I saw it over at
 Honig Design. You can read more of this very bumpy making-of-a-dress here.
I startet from scratch a few days ago whit a new GPD and a new fabric. And this time I took it one size up and lost the arms ( will post when it is finnished).
I had a nagging feeling that my relasionship to this dress was'nt quite over. 
So in the awaiting for a zipper for the next GPD, I took out my old "break-up".
I had to make it work! 
So I put in new darts in the back, just smaller, for a better fit, allso the armpits were waaaay to tight, so i put in gussets! That worked! And I sewed in a layer of fabric behind the seetrough lace. Because, well, you could se right in to my hoo-ha....
Thats and other thing, i feel the dress is way to short. But perhaps it will work great whit wool longies and boots?....

Anyways, i really like it, even though the inside looks like a warzone! But I have learned a great deal making this dress, and like I said, I am almost finnished whit a second;)