Monday, May 20, 2013

The Aalesund dress, a very interesting and uniqe piece of clothing!

As told in this post, it was Norwayw national day.
Its the day summer arrived. It is very unusual for my town to have over 15 degrees Celsius this early at spring. May 17th is usually cold and windy. And even snowing! It is known to happen!.
But this year was amazing! We had over 25 celsius. And it was really warm in our bunad wich is made from thick wool. 
Obviously, the designer did`nt have this kind of weather in mind when it was made....
Now, i want to show you something that is very special to me. It is designed by my aunt, and was made for my hometown Aalesunds anniversery about 15 years ago.
It has embroideries from known  characteristics of Aalesund.  My town is known for its Jugend Stile, and this has been used on the embroideries on the dress. The design is allso inpired by the middleage, as you can see by the belt in the waist whit the knife. 
There are only four of these dresses, therefore it is extra special to me. I got it as a gift for my communion at age 15.

I have some detailed pictures for you:)

And a picture of my family (offcourse, no one is ever inable to look at the camera and smile at once...)

My daughter has the girl version. The only one.

A few pictures from may 17th, our national day:


  1. Wow! This dress is absolutely beautiful.

  2. How beautiful and special, a work of art. Looks like a fun day!

  3. Hi, I just got here from honigdesign and you already got me reading about Norwegian folk dress on Wikipedia! It's so interesting as a social trend. Your dress is lovely, I'm jealous that you have occasions to wear these clothes from another world.


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