Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Mathilde Blouse! and a giveaway....

What a beautyfull piece of clothing!
I finally finnished my Mathilde Blouse, wich I have been longing for ever since I saw it at 
It has everything that I love in a blouse! And when I found this fabric, I knew exectly what to make of it.

I was in a transe a few days, making the blouse. The patter says 2-2,5 meter, ans alltough I dont want to recomend it, I just barely managed whit the 1,5 meters I had. *phew*

The pattern was a delight to work with, and the descriptions were simple. But if you`re like me, a "not-so-very-experienced-with-sewing-teqnuices", then Tilly has these SUPER tutorials that takes you step by step trough every little details of the patterns here, down on the page. And the pattern tells you to make french seems, wich I did. And they look smashing!! All over, my blouse has a very crisp and neet look and feel over it. BUT, sadly I made it to small :( Unfortunately it is a little tight over the chest area and the armpits. 
perheps it doesnt look small, but it is enough to make me feel uncomfirtable and slightly claustrophobic. 
It won`t do much good in my closet, so I am giving it away to one lucky "follower" of my blog! 

Here are the rules:

1. Follow me on and you get 1 ticket.
2. Follow me on Bloglovin, and get 1 ticket.

(It goes without saying that you get two tickets for both...let me know on you`re commenting wich one you take)

I will draw a winner of this lovely blouse in about two weeks (I`ll set the date later....) 

And now, some pictures.....

I made it in size 4 after the patterns measurements. 
But obviously I should have made at least a size 5, maybe 6. And I will, the next time:)
So this blouse here is probably a medium, on the smaller range ( a small/medium).
The buttons are so beautyfull, sorry I dont have close-up on them, but they are made of metal, and have the colours of silver and bronze as they shift a little.
It is a little on the short side, but it looks smashing whit a pair of high weisted jeans!

Good Luck!


  1. I'm sorry that the fit doesn't work for you, especially with how well it turned out. I still think the fabric is gorgeous.

    1. Thank you Claire! The fit is great, just to small;) next one will blei better. Just to bad the fabric got to waste... hopefully someone else can use it:) so spread the word:)

  2. It looks gorgeous! shame it doesn't fit you perfectly. Alas, I know the mathilde is too short for me unaltered so I can't give it loving home :(

    1. Jepp, I`ll have to alter the length next time:)

  3. Gorgeous fabric choice! It's really, really lovely!

  4. Nydelig blues! Tror den vil passe perfekt på meg! Jeg følger allerede bloggen din.

  5. Such a pity the 4 is not comfortable :( I'll have to keep that in mind and size up as well. You did choose beautiful fabric and your buttons sound lovely.

  6. Thanks:) the buttons really make this blouse! I have to bye more of them:)


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