Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My newly discovered passion for furniture furbishing {A blog launch}

I try to maintaine this blog simply as a craft-blog (e.g. sewing and knitting).
But lately I have found the need to blog about my furbishing experiments and finds. Because it is simply amazing what you can make out of a tired and worn out table or dresser. I have gained a lot of inspiration and experience, and just wanting to share with the world what can be made out of so little.
My main focus is furbishing for less. I want to save money, not spend it. So second-hand and thrifting is the key-words here! It has only one post so far, but I promise, there is ALOT on the drawing board! I have quite a few finnished items to show you:)

So, if you are interested, you are more then welcome to stop by my newly-launched blog

Frugal Furbishing

Animal Print + Easy Tee Raglan Pattern = Match!

For weeks now, I`ve had this great black and white animal print ponte knit in my stash without a clue as what to make of it! I thought it was a great idea when I bought it, and it still was when it arrived. But then I was like: "can I pull of an entire piece with only this animal print? Would that even work?!" So I just put it aside, waiting for the right pattern or idea to come along.
Eventually, I was more and more surtain that it would work just fine if I only could mix in a little neutral in there. Like black! I had a little left from when I made my second Perri Pullowe (not blogged yet. Have to get to it soon.....). It was just enough for 3/4 arms and the neckline+arm lining.

This pattern by the way, is GREAT! Super easy to print and patch up.  And you can make it in a million different ways. Go check out "Its Always Autum".

This is one of those patterns I will make again and again, for shure! The fit is perfect for me! I added a band on the bottom of the shirt so it gives a little extra "hug" around the hips.

Now, do you think the animal print is "to much"? Or just right? :)