Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Proudly presenting; My Hawthorn Dress!

And here it is!
My pride and joy, my Hawthorne Dress! 
It was just as fabouless as I dreamt it would be!
This dress has it all; a feminine collar, buttons, and a big, swearly skirt.
(Yes, I must admit, somewhere inside this women in her late 20`s there`s a princess...)

And whit now further delay;

The dress is competing whit this beautyfull landscape, for shure!

And now for some details:
My Hawthorne was made by a blue and white seersucker gingham fabric. 
It was my first time ever whit this sort of fabric, and I must say I love it! It is defenitely not the last time!
All seems where sewn with french seems, for a cleaner look.
The hem was sewn up whit a jeans-colored bias tape.
The buttons really makes this dress. They are sort of blue-greyish.
And I even made pockets, because pockets are grrreaaat! 
My Hawthorn has allready been used alot, and It even went with us on our holiday.
Now I am allready planning on making a new version. Maybe I`ll try the peplumblouse? 
I did sign up for the Hawthorn sewalong, but when the fabric and patter arriwed, 
I got so eager that I just had to start. So I was actually finished long before the sewalong ended.
Thanks to the great tutorial that came whit the pattern, that was no problem!
By the way, you can see all the versions on this Flick Group.
And there is even a voting going on for some of the members of the sewalong that
was lucky enough to get theire dress in the contest, so hop on over and vote! 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

On the look out for wedding patterns!

My dearest little sister is finnaly tying the knot whit her boyfriend after a few years, 
and all though this is theire special day, I dont want this opportunity of making my own dress to 
such a special occasion to pass me by. 

But thats where it stops for me....
I have NO idea which dress to make!
Only thing I know is that it cant be super difficult OR expensive to make.

I had my eyes on the Elisalex dress.
I have seen many version of this dress, and think this is both suitable AND manageble for me.

But you fellow bloggers are so full of inspiration and knowledge.
So I ask you; What would be a good choise for a dress to my sisters wedding?

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Picnic Blanket Skirt

I have been eyeballing the Picnic Blanket Skirt over at
Tillys for a long time.
And finally, the time was here.
A dress from about 6 years back had been laying in my closet.
It had shrunk around the chest, (Yeh, can you imagine, my clothes are skrinking! )
and everything was falling out. But I always loved the colors of this fabric, so I could`nt get rid of it.
(I have a big problem whit throwing clothes, even when I havent been using them for years, cause you`ll never know!)
So, I figured it would go perfect as a Picnic Blanket Skirt, since the skirt on this dress was veeeeery wide.
Cut cut, snip, sew sew, button here and button there, 
and voila!

The buttons are hand-me-downs from my grandmother. 
They are probably from the 60`s or 70`s.
The gold goes perfect whit the gold-like pattern on the fabric.
I really like this model, and the way it hugs my waist. 
There will be many more for shure! 

How about a Banner Swap?

I first saw this over at Mabel Makes.
who again read it over at Scavenger Hunt.
What`s that, you say?
It`s as easy as this: (and I quote)

“Hi fellow bloggers! I’ve been working hard lately on improving all aspects of my blog and I had an idea: would any of you fellow small-time bloggers out there would be interested in doing a little banner ad swap for the month of July? Basically we would agree to display each other’s buttons in our sidebars for a month as a way to support each other and grow our audience without any extra cost. Win-win, right?”

Is`nt that a cool idea? I think so!

So, If you`r up for it, grab my banner  and paste it on you`re blog!
If you would like me to post you`re banner, send me an e-mail at
tone_vegsund@hotmail.com. The banner of you`re choise needs to be 250 x 100 pixels