Thursday, July 4, 2013

How about a Banner Swap?

I first saw this over at Mabel Makes.
who again read it over at Scavenger Hunt.
What`s that, you say?
It`s as easy as this: (and I quote)

“Hi fellow bloggers! I’ve been working hard lately on improving all aspects of my blog and I had an idea: would any of you fellow small-time bloggers out there would be interested in doing a little banner ad swap for the month of July? Basically we would agree to display each other’s buttons in our sidebars for a month as a way to support each other and grow our audience without any extra cost. Win-win, right?”

Is`nt that a cool idea? I think so!

So, If you`r up for it, grab my banner  and paste it on you`re blog!
If you would like me to post you`re banner, send me an e-mail at The banner of you`re choise needs to be 250 x 100 pixels

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