Saturday, July 13, 2013

On the look out for wedding patterns!

My dearest little sister is finnaly tying the knot whit her boyfriend after a few years, 
and all though this is theire special day, I dont want this opportunity of making my own dress to 
such a special occasion to pass me by. 

But thats where it stops for me....
I have NO idea which dress to make!
Only thing I know is that it cant be super difficult OR expensive to make.

I had my eyes on the Elisalex dress.
I have seen many version of this dress, and think this is both suitable AND manageble for me.

But you fellow bloggers are so full of inspiration and knowledge.
So I ask you; What would be a good choise for a dress to my sisters wedding?


  1. I made the Elisalex dress to wear to a wedding and I felt great in it and really loved wearing it. I made it in a lighter fabric and underlined with silk organza to have the nice feel and still keep some body to it. I can really recommend it :)

  2. thank you! :) as a mather of fact, I read your blog post about that dress several times today, to convince my self that I should go for the Elisalex dress. And I did:D yeah! :)


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