Friday, June 28, 2013

An overdue post of my second Minna Blouse

History keeps repeating itself, as I am yet again late with posting of new things that I make.
I finnished this Minna blouse a couple weeks ago, and I allready had a good wear of it:)
I absolutely love the lace fabric, and the color! So fresh! 
It was very easy to work with, both cutting and sewing.
I think I have to buy more:)

And now, some live pictures taken by my six year old daughter:

The back has a cute closing, were I used a pearl bottom from my late grandmothers buttonstash:)
All in all, I really like this model, because it is so versatile! 
Especially my lace-version here. My first Minna blouse has quite a different feel to it, but allso
very nice. But this time I made the peplum about 4 cm longer. The first time it was a little to short for my liking. 
What is you`re verdict of the Minna blouse? Or maybe you have experience from other Salme Patterns?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I`m in for the Hawthorne sew-along!

I never had a chance when I saw this sew-along!
I mean, just look at this dress! 

It has everything that I like in a dress!
Collar, buttons, a wide swearly skirt... 
And you can make it whit allmost any fabric you like!
The variations are big;
whit or whitout sleeves, short sleeves or simply make a peplum top!

At first, I want to make a summer-dress, so I am going for the sleeveless version

I must admit, desiding for wich fabric to use took me several days!
I just could`nt decide. When I first saw this pattern and these pictures on Colette
I instantly fell for the seersucker fabric they have used on the pictures above.
But I doubt the colour white would suit me very well. At leas not as a dress where I would`nt have any
where to hide my pale legs.  Haha... 
I am very light-skinned, so for me that would feel very "naked" if you know what I mean?
And I have allways thought of seersucker as a fabric thats mainly intended for bedsheets.
But my curiosity is awaken! I have to trye this!
So I bought 4 yards of this fabric, at

This is more suitable for me, I think.
Allso, I couldt stop thinking about what to wear whit this dress?
You know, SHOES <3
And cardigans... at the office, out to dinner or at the beach?
I had to make something that is versatile, so that it doesnt just end up at the back of my closet.
And, oh! Pockets! I love pockets! Yep, I said it before.
But what kind of pockets I dont know yet.

Are you in for the Hawthorne sew-along?
I would love to hear abour you`re dress! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Minna Blouse from Salme Patterns

A few weeks ago, I bought a bundle of PDF Salme Patterns on....yes, you guessed it;
Etsy :D

My immediate favourit was this one

I did`nt buy any fabrics for this one (yet!), but I found something hidden away.
It was actually an old curtain, but I really like the color palette on it, so who cares! RIGHT? Plus, the fabric is very sheer.

The pattern was very easy and quickly made up, actually one of the quickest pieces I have made for my self.
(I can use days to finnish up a small piece, because... well... two kids and a full time day job. Thats all I have to say...)
I am sorry I dont have any action pictures of it right now, but I promise to take one!

whit and whitout flash....

I really liked the pattern and the fit, but for the next one (oh yeas, It is allready on the table)
I will make the peplum part a bit longer.

My second go on the Mathilde Blouse

Remember my first attemp?
Allthough the blouse was beauuuutyfull made, it did`nt fit! *grrrrrr*
I was very upset, to say the least. 
But I knew I wanted one, so when I came over this lovely fabric at Etsy
I gave it another go!
This time I went up a size, from 4 to 5. It was much better! Maybe a teeny weeny bit to loos (one can never get TO satisfied!). But non the less, the fit is great! 
Pluss the fabric is a very lightweight cotton and fits perfectly as a blouse!
And here are some pictures! (wich are terrible by the way...)

You know, I actually asked my hub to come out and take some pictures of me in the garden this morning, 
but they were worse than these, so it`ll have to do...

Yeah for the Mathilde Blouse!! 

Monday, June 10, 2013

For Sale!

It is not a secret that I love wool and Mylly Muksut
So when Mylly sells this wooooonderfull wool, 
I stocked up and made quite a bit for both my children, 
and even other peoples children to!
The wool has a suuuper quality and is soft on the skin. 
It is 100% merino wool <3

I have this lovely wool shirt for sale:
It is new and has never been used. My little guy is only modeling for 
the camera <3

Other stuff that I`ve made from this wool you can find here, here, and here.