Thursday, June 27, 2013

I`m in for the Hawthorne sew-along!

I never had a chance when I saw this sew-along!
I mean, just look at this dress! 

It has everything that I like in a dress!
Collar, buttons, a wide swearly skirt... 
And you can make it whit allmost any fabric you like!
The variations are big;
whit or whitout sleeves, short sleeves or simply make a peplum top!

At first, I want to make a summer-dress, so I am going for the sleeveless version

I must admit, desiding for wich fabric to use took me several days!
I just could`nt decide. When I first saw this pattern and these pictures on Colette
I instantly fell for the seersucker fabric they have used on the pictures above.
But I doubt the colour white would suit me very well. At leas not as a dress where I would`nt have any
where to hide my pale legs.  Haha... 
I am very light-skinned, so for me that would feel very "naked" if you know what I mean?
And I have allways thought of seersucker as a fabric thats mainly intended for bedsheets.
But my curiosity is awaken! I have to trye this!
So I bought 4 yards of this fabric, at

This is more suitable for me, I think.
Allso, I couldt stop thinking about what to wear whit this dress?
You know, SHOES <3
And cardigans... at the office, out to dinner or at the beach?
I had to make something that is versatile, so that it doesnt just end up at the back of my closet.
And, oh! Pockets! I love pockets! Yep, I said it before.
But what kind of pockets I dont know yet.

Are you in for the Hawthorne sew-along?
I would love to hear abour you`re dress! 


  1. Hei, takk for hyggelige kommentarer inne på bloggen min :) --- det skal bli spennende å se det ferdige resultatet av kjolen :)

    1. Hei fruRa:) Takk det samme:) Ha ei strålende helg:)

  2. Excellent! Lovely choice of fabric! I've made the very sensible decision that I'll sit this one out as I need winter clothes more than pretty spring frocks, so I look forward to cheering you on and seeing it take shape! Enjoy ;)

    1. haha.. I am all BUT sensible!
      Actually, here`s a quote for you by Oscar Wilde, wich I think is very suitable for such "insensebility":

      "I can resist everything, exept temptation..."


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