Friday, June 28, 2013

An overdue post of my second Minna Blouse

History keeps repeating itself, as I am yet again late with posting of new things that I make.
I finnished this Minna blouse a couple weeks ago, and I allready had a good wear of it:)
I absolutely love the lace fabric, and the color! So fresh! 
It was very easy to work with, both cutting and sewing.
I think I have to buy more:)

And now, some live pictures taken by my six year old daughter:

The back has a cute closing, were I used a pearl bottom from my late grandmothers buttonstash:)
All in all, I really like this model, because it is so versatile! 
Especially my lace-version here. My first Minna blouse has quite a different feel to it, but allso
very nice. But this time I made the peplum about 4 cm longer. The first time it was a little to short for my liking. 
What is you`re verdict of the Minna blouse? Or maybe you have experience from other Salme Patterns?

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