Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Minna Blouse from Salme Patterns

A few weeks ago, I bought a bundle of PDF Salme Patterns on....yes, you guessed it;
Etsy :D

My immediate favourit was this one

I did`nt buy any fabrics for this one (yet!), but I found something hidden away.
It was actually an old curtain, but I really like the color palette on it, so who cares! RIGHT? Plus, the fabric is very sheer.

The pattern was very easy and quickly made up, actually one of the quickest pieces I have made for my self.
(I can use days to finnish up a small piece, because... well... two kids and a full time day job. Thats all I have to say...)
I am sorry I dont have any action pictures of it right now, but I promise to take one!

whit and whitout flash....

I really liked the pattern and the fit, but for the next one (oh yeas, It is allready on the table)
I will make the peplum part a bit longer.


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