Monday, May 20, 2013

17th of May, Norways National day and a little about what we wear (A LOT OF PICTURES!)

Friday the 17th was Norways national day.
A very special day that we look forward to every year,  especially the children.
Now, I am pretty shure a lot of you never heard about this day, therefor I am going to give you 
an insight on this very special day.

Everyone knows what a parade is, and you have probably seen one to.
But whats different whit the one we have in Norway on May 17th, is that its FULL of children. 
We call it the "childrensparade", or  "Barne-tog". 
We dress up in what we call a "bunad". These come in all shapes and colours (allmost). And everyone is uniqe and symbols the town/region from were it originates from.
 Picture time!

This one is from my homecity!

And the headpieces! Wow!

I could go on and on...
And lets not forget about the men, people!!

That`s a lot of pictures, and they never stop (Google), so I have to...
But you catch my drift? 

If you want to read up on what a "bunad" is then check Wikipedias description.

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