Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Garden Party Dress #2 Sleeveless version

I have been waiting for this moment for soooo long! 
My second Garden Party Dress is finally finnished!
This time I did a few changes, since I literally screwed the first one up...
But this time I knew what to do, and at least what NOT to do.
First of all, I went one size up, sinc the bodice was to tight on the first one.
I allso skipped the arms, and may I say; It looks freak`n nice! hehe....
It makes a sweet summerdress.

*cool and calm*

I allso cut the neck-split about 3-4 cm longer down then the pattern says. 
I think that suits me better.
Allso, the skirt goes under the knee. I have lined the bodice whit a brown-goldish silk-like fabric. 
Thats an other thing I have never done.... I like new things:)

Oh yes! Pockets! I LOVE pockets! Allso new for me.

The fabric is some sort of cotton, and has a feel of linen to it.  I bought it on Etsy from a Japanese seller. Nice prices and great quality. The colour is somewhat army-moss green. As you know, I love green.

So.. what is the verdict? Does it pass as a Garden Party Dress? 
I think this will do well as a party as in the office.
Right no I am knitting my ass of to finnish a cardigan to go over it for friday. Then it is Norways national day! Hurra! 
Another post about that later, with lots of history and what we wear in Norway on such a day. 
And I am pretty shure it is like nothing you have EVER seen before! Looking forward to it :)


  1. Its lovely! I'm glad you had another go. I've just got fabric for my second attempt, I can't wait to get on with it! I'll be adding pockets to mine too - good idea. And I can't wait to see the cardigan :)

  2. Thanks Katy! I really like this one! It is exectly as I wanted it! And it is definately not my last one! Looking forward to see youre next. Hey! Is that what the black and white floral fabric is for??? :D

  3. It is GORGEOUS! I love it! Pockets, Sleeveless, awesome colours - Such wonderful work!!

  4. Why, Thank You! *blushing* I am pretty happy whit the work to... That is something I have gotten better whit.

  5. This is beautiful. I love the neckline, and the pleats on the skirt.

  6. Wow, my mouth is literally dropping in awe - you look stunning and I love the choice of fabric and the pockets! I also love that you plan to wear it for your national day, and with a self made cardigan too. Fabulous. So so elegant. Thank you for great photos, I will link up soon :)

  7. Thank you!! That means soooo much hearing it from you! Looking forward to seeing it on youre blog:D

  8. Nydelig kjole! Sitter som støpt!

  9. For en søt kjole. Du kler den godt.
    Ellen :)

  10. So classy! I love the dark pockets and longer slit in the neckline. The community over at Kollabora would love this. Everyone needs a work-appropriate sleeveless dress.


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