Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Red Riding Hood cape

Jepp, thats right! I made a costume piece! *hands up*.
I allways wanted to be the kind of mum who makes her kids costumes, and I did a few times, but nothing fancy schmansy, just the kind of "take something here and ad something there*-kind of costumes. Shaaaameeee.....
But who would have known, that my firs machine sewn, home-made, thoroughly done costume was for my sister? My very grown up (at least her i.d. says so...) sister! But when I think about it, it really doesnt surprise me. Haha...
I should allso ad to the story that she was going to an adult costume party (not the nasty kind, all though, I did hear some stories afterwords...).
She wanted to go as Red Riding Hood, but was missing a long, red cape. So I searched the allmighty Pinterest, and found this great hooded cape pattern at Fleecefun. FOR FREE!
The pattern was a print-at-home pdf, and had three different lenghts. We went for the longest.
This was a really quick fix, as you dont really have to sew the edges when you sew whit fleece, because the edges won`t rip.
I lined the hood whit a "picnic-checkered" pattern in red and white. This really put a great finnishing touch over it. And to close the cape, we added a white silky ribbon.

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