Saturday, March 16, 2013

Signal Green?...

So, I love green! I really do! But personally I`m kind of an "army" green or "moss"-green kind of type.
Those colours suit me. But none the less, I love other kinds of green to!
And when my local yarn store had 30 % of ALL wool yarns today, 
I skipped on over (even if my wallet was empty) and saw these 6 bundles of lovely green baby merino wool from DROPS Garnstudio <3 <3 <3

I HAD to have them! Even tough it`s not a colour I wear, it could be!
I mean, this would be soooo cool to make a cardigan, ore something like that.
I only hope it is enough... 600 grams...?
(searching Ravelry as we speak!)

Here is a picture of the loveliness and it is so soft!

I would have bought lots and lots more wool yarn at this sale, but you know...
the wallet-thing.....

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