Thursday, March 14, 2013

Big Steps! Going English!

I have had in my mind for some time now, that maybe I should pick it up a notch
and bring my blog to (hopefully!) a new level...? 
And buy doing that, I mean turning my blog in to a language that allmost the entire world
can understand. The great "english"! Soooo many other bloggers around the world 
does it, so why not me? 
Allso, I would have to change the name of my blog to something more
understandable then "Trollemors Hverdag" (witch buy the way means Troll Mothers Everyday-life. 
Not that I am one! A troll I mean... although I am sure some would disagree..haha)

But I have to sleep on that one for a while, and not rush it. 
Anyways, I like changes, and I think this would make a great one! And hopefully I will
get a few more readers? Who knows...

Along this new path of mine, I will allso try to translate my old posts so that they are readable for the great people of this planet. 

Have a lovely evening! 

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