Saturday, April 13, 2013

New fabric

My little man is growing. He 's always been quite small and skinny. He is still skinny, but he has stretched quite a bit these last months, so now he has grown out of all of his sweathers and shirts. And what an oportunity that is for me to buy new fabrics:D
I wanted to try out Lillestoff Designs new fabrics. They are so full of life and colors. I love them! These are bought at Malika & Rosa, a danish web shop whit sooo many wonderfull fabrics, mostly for childrens clothings.


And these under here are from an other favourit shop of mine, Mylly Muksut. 
These fabrics are college and jersey.

I cant wait to show you the finnished products from these lovely fabrics  :D


  1. Beautiful fabrics, Must look into these for my niece and nephew! Just wondering how your garden party dress is going? Is there anything I can help with?

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