Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Megan Nielsen Briar #2

Good day to all! 
I am aware that the heading says Briar #2, but that is only because I have another Briar that I have not yet posted. I am in need of some good photos (and a photographer), and not the silly selfies I have on my phone...
Back to the Briar. This is a pattern from Megan Nielsen, who allso happens to have A LOT of cool patterns, but unfornunately, I have only tried the Briar. 
After I saw the updone pattern like the million`t time, I finally desided I woulk make me one.
Or in this case, two:) (I`ll show you # 1 later...)

The fabric is from Fabric.com, and is a very, very thin weight, slouchy (is that a word?..) knitted fabric.
But it is great for this exact project. It falls so nicely, and looks great over a blouse, like the one I have on the picture.
Allso, the colors are great. The bottom collor is.... well, there is no bottom actually. Its all just a lovely mess of grey, black, white and blue! 
I made this one whit the pocket, and allso I prefer 3/4 sleeves instead of full lenght sleeves, cause I only roll them up anyway!

The Briar top is a very quick sew. I only have an ordinary sewing machine, no fancy overlocker or serger.
And for me it takes about 1 hour to put it together. For you guys whit a serger/overlocker it must take about half that time?? 

(Man, I want one!! I am making a spesific wish for my birthday in february, thats for sure!)

I have had A LOT of sewing time the last few weeks, and this past saturday was my sisters wedding.
And I went in my beutyfull Elisalex dress. I got so many compliments for it. Stay tuned for more posts and pictures! 


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