Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Back to my roots

My blogging adventure all started whit me wanting to create clothes for my kids.
And looking back at my first blog-posts, (are you browsing my blog right now?...) I almost blush!
I cant believe what I was thinking! Haha... well, actually I do.... I was thinking something along the line of: "Hey`all! I made pants for my little boy! Are`nt they adooooorable???".
I had no earlier experience or anything like that, but I have always been making SOMETHING...
And now the interest for sewing came right out of nowhere!
But if I am allowed to say so my self, I think (and certainly hope!) that I have developed and grown since the beginning, two and a half years ago.

The last six months the interest for sewing for my self has more or less been taking over for sewing for kids. It is a whole different type of sewing, I think... And I have gotten my eyes more and more open for pattern construction. I find it very exiting how things actually are made, and how I can change them to mu own likings. I am still very new on that subject, and I have A LOT to learn yet!
But I have many ideas popping up in my head all the time. And some times the ideas get to come to life. Like this skirt here, that I made for my princess.

I just love the fabric whith these cute children on it! I bought it whit the thought of making something to her of it, but 1 meter is`nt very much. So for a long time I was trying to come up whit something clever.
Then I came up whit the idea of using the fabric as a sort of "accessory" to something else.
And suddenly this skirt was born!

I made a skirt whit several gathered layers, and elastics at the waist. Then I made a "cape" out of the patterned fabric (first measuring here waist whit the skirt on) and fastening it whit two golden buttons in front. It curtainly has some aspects that needs more figuring out, but I really like the idea! 

Maybe this calls for a tutorial?

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