Monday, September 16, 2013

Finally! My Elisalex dress! (Made out of curtains!...)

For those of you who have read these earlier post here about my making of the Elisalex dress by ByHandLondon, propably knows that I was a little nervous about the fact that I was making it from curtains.
And would it be suitable for a wedding?
Turns out, it did! (Well,  I think so!) 

During the weeks (Yes! Weeks! ) it took to mak it (remember, I have kids and a husband, so it is not for surtain that I get to sew every day! ) I got more and more nervous about the poofyness around the hip-area.
But looking at a lot  of pictures, convinced me that It is a great  look, so it grew on me.
I drew a size 10, and the bust fits perfect! But the skirt I had to take in about a inch on each side.
AFTER I had attatched it to the bodice, and finneshed the pleats. Aaaaahhh... silly! 
So, rip up the dress, cut, fold new pleats and sew back on. This time around, perfect fit!
I, aswell as propably everone else cut ALOT of fabric at the lenght of the skirt. I think that that is a mutch better look.

I had a blast in this dress! It was great to dance in allso, haha... Oh, how we danced....

I have to show a picture of the back. It realy shows how figure-hugging and flattering this shape is.

(this picture is days before the wedding so now stylish action here...)
I undelined the whole dress whit a white lining, No pictures there, I`m afraid,
But I have new shoes for the occation! And a new hairdue. But looking at the pictures now, I cant stop thinking: "do I look like I have an old ladies hair?...! (dont answer....)

And last, a picture of me whit the bride, My babysister! She made me so proud that day! 
She was a real princess! And It`s propably once in a lifethime-chance for that to happen, `cause shes not really the princess-type.... 


  1. Veldig fin kjole! Den gjorde seg godt i gardinstoffet :jupp:

  2. It's gorgeous! you'd definitely never know that you'd made it out of curtains :) I really must give this dress a go!

    1. Thanks Katy! This is defenitely a dress I will make again! Perheps whit 3/4 sleeves? ;D

  3. Your dress is gorgeous! I've just finished my first Elisalex, and I think it does need a heavy weight fabric for the skirt. Also, your sister looks beautiful. :)

  4. The fabric is perfect for this dress, looks wonderful! Great job.


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