Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Spring/summer sewing vs. fall/winter sewing

We are in the middle of august, and sadly, this means that summer is soon over. 
Summer is the shortest season of the year where i live. A couple of years ago, we had snow from september/october to early mai. That doesnt leave many months for summer!

I have made a few items for my self this spring/summer, like the Garden Party dress from Honig Design,
The Minna Blouse from Salme Patterns, The Mathilda Blouse from Tilly and The Buttons, aswell as her Picnic Blanket skirt, and not to mention: The Hawthorn Dress.

But it is not long until these items will be nicely tucked into the back of my closet,
and my wool longies and fleece jacket (ok, I have actually used them a couple og times this "summer"...) comes out.

The thing is, what do I make for my self now that fall and winter is creeping up?
A girls`gotta stay warm as well as fashionable, right?

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