Friday, August 2, 2013

I have two very interesting things on my agenda....

#1 The Selfish Sewing week! 

This is all going on over at Made with Moxie.
I`ll just quote her:

"For just one week, September 23-29, we challenge you to spend at least one houre each day sewing for yourself. Dig up that Swoon quilt you've been meaning to make. Cut up that Heather Ross you've been hording for years. And would you please finally make yourself a Washi dress already? "

I dont know about you guys, but to often I say "yes" to things I dont really wanna do. 
For instanse, this past three weeks I have layd up 4 jeans, made a dress into a sweater, sewn in a blouse and decreased the hem on a big and beeeeaaautyfull gown (and I am shure, very expencive!).
All this while thinking; "why am I doing this?? I work 8 hours, five days a week, come home to two children, and at the same time, trying to find some me-time in front of my sewing machine!:... This is it! No more!"
It is all because I am too unselfish i guess. That is why I`m joining Selfish Sewing Week!
And I have the perfect project for it;)

Now, on to #2

This is happening over at The Monthly Stitch.
And this months project is the mysterious cape! 
How interesting is that?? I have never had a cape befoure, non the less made one!
For me, the cape has always been a symbol of a great and confident fashionstatement. 
I never thought of my self as very confident when it comes to fashion, 
not to mention the clothes I make my self. But I think it is about time I did!
So, hopefully in a few weeks I will be strutting around in my newly-sewn cape.

I allready have a pattern in mind, so how about a sneek peek, eyh?

Vouge 8776


  1. Nydeleg kjole du har sydd og nydeleg landskap rundt deg.....

  2. Takk:) du ser vel hvor det er ? ;)


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