Sunday, August 11, 2013

Am I insane?

My sisters wedding is coming up in about four weeks, 
and as I have mentioned earlier, I am making The Elisalex Dress by

I never could deside on the fabric for this dress, until I saw my cousins curtains.....
Was I really thinking of makeing this dress out of curtains?? Am I that insane?..
But again, I was originally going for a damask pattern, so why not? 
These curtains has that, and my cousin was not using them.

Take a look at one of the By Hand Londons Elisalex version:
If you look closely, it is the same pattern! Almost...

So guys, am I insane if I go to a wedding in curtains???
(please say no...)


  1. Nope! I've made countless clothes from bed sheets, and other random fabrics not really intended for wearing!
    Plus brocade and jacquard are really 'in' so you should be fine!

  2. no ;) I think you've chosen delightfully - but I do hope the curtains behave for you - sending happy sewing wishes

    1. The curtains are behaving really well! Its looking good:D

  3. Det må jo være bra stoff til den kjolen, den krever jo litt av stoffet såvidt jeg har skjønt.
    Lykke til med sying!

  4. My polka dot one is made from curtains;) will look gorgeous

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  6. Thank you, you are all very kind! The pattern DOES require a upholstery-kind-of-fabric, so this should be great for that. But I am somewhat hesitating to get startet. I seem to find my self whit new ideas and project all the time. I thing my mind is unconciously avoiding the whole thing.

    1. Hørtes kjent ut - alltid på vei til neste prosjekt i hodet.
      Lykke til med gardinene, jeg så på et gardinstoff på IKEA her om dagen som jeg vurderte til en Elisalex...

  7. Not at all! I find it as cool as Scarlett O´Hara´s green velvet curtain gown! ;-)


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