Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pirates for a Princess

I love it when I get out-of-the-box-requests!
Theres just so much girly-girl sewing a women can take! (or is there?... let me thing about that for while).
Thats why it is so great to make something different in between every once in a while.

I just recently got a customer request (yes, I do take orders!) of a pair of pirat pants for girl aged about 3-4.
This fabric is from Lillestoff. It is as always, great quality!

The pattern for these pants are just a simple pattern that I have, after having tried out many different, just found very comfortable and easy to work whit. And just for the fun of it, I added a snazzy head band to go whit the pants!
This should be an appropriate outfit for a girly-pirat, eyh?

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