Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How`s you`re charity knitting / Strikk for veldedighet

Today I want to let you in on two things;

 #1  is my sister. She is the most unselfish human being I have ever had the pleasure of knowig. For as long as I can remember, she has always been thinking of others wellbeing before her own. And she`s used this for those who are less fortunate. May it be human or animals.
Oh, the things she has brought home!  (animals, I mean!)
Today, she is the co-leader of a volunteer organisation that helps rescue or find lost animals.
If someone calls in a missing animal, or an observation of a lost animal, she will gather a group and go looking for them. And the volunteers are many! This organisation is her "baby", and she puts a great deal of pride in it. And people respect her for it! Me included.
Now, when it comes to less unfortunate people, she is allso very active. Amongst many things she is an active member of the Red Cross. Beeing that Norway is a country of wild nature and raw winters, we have a lot of weather. And things happen in hard weather or tough nature. Again, there she is, my sister, to rescue you down from the mountain, or out of the dense forest whit a broken leg. It actually happens! A lot more often that you`ll think!

#2    A new idea was born. The facbook group "Varm et hjerte", or "Warm a heart", is a group where volunteer knitters can knit a warm scarf or hat, or both! and donate it to the homeless and drug addicts in the capital city of Norway, Oslo. I was recently there, and the things I saw....  The contrasts are huge from this big city to my hometown. The winter is upon us, and a great deal of people are out cold on the streets every day, trying to survive.
The goal whit this group is to gather enough charity knitted items. All items must be sent to her. And when she goes back to Oslo in january, she can deliver off a big, warming lot of knitted hats and scarfs to a chosen central (a controlled central).

Now, what do you think of this idea?? Great, huh? Everyone  can join in, but this might be most relevant for those who live in Norway.
So whit this, I encourage you to knit, knit, knit and give it to those less fortunate!

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  1. Proud to be your sister! Thank you for the words <3


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