Sunday, December 29, 2013

Siblings whit new, shiny wests!

Well hello everyone, and merry christmas! Although christmas is almost over, theres still a little bit left.
A few weeks ago I won this great book in a blog contest. It was on the top of my wish-list. So emagine my happiness when I actually won it! I was very happy to say the least:)
So the last couple of days I have been finding some me-time in front of the sewing machine, in my NEW sewing room! (jepp, we moved, and I got a whole sewing ROOM!).

These patterns are great for sewing whit scraps. I got to use many different fabrics and patterns on these two vests.

This girly-girl vest is fit for a real diva! The front has purple merino wool, deep pockets and all sorts of pink and purple. Whit stars, and everything! And a big elf-hood, allso lined whit the starry fabric. My 6 year old loved it!

As you can see, great for using scraps! I have a total of four different fabrics here + the ribbing.
This vest futures a pirate-team, because, well..... my little guy is a straight up pirate! "Eeeyy!..."

I am hoping they will have a lot of use in these. I love them!

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