Friday, February 7, 2014


I allways have some bigger projects on my sewing table. And when I say big, it`s not necessarily BIG, but becuase of familiy and, well.... life, it can take up to weeks before I finish something. You know, the famous one hour here and one hour there. Like the Colette Beignet skirt I JUST finnished! It took me about 3 weeks from drafting to finished results. Ohhhh!... I cant wait to show you! I am so happy whit the results! *squeeel*
 But, in between, for my own sanity, I need a quick fix. A hat is so quick and easy, it does`nt get better.
I have made 4 of these, all for different receivers. My daughter is going to a classmates birthday party to day, and I made her this. A super girly baggy hat whit shade.

I allso made this one a couple of weeks ago to an other birthday girl:

Super cute and super quick. Just the way I like it :) And by the way! They are reversible!


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