Friday, January 10, 2014

It`s about time we take cotroll over our wardrobe!

This really could`nt come in a better time! If you read my last post about building a new wardrobe for spring/summer, than you`ll probably understand why Colette`s latest blog post struck my good ol`sewing-nerve. More then twice (probably half of what I ever made) is a misfit or just a big FAIL! Either it be colours, shape, fabric or the quality of it.
So this time I have decided to constructively plan my pattern bying and sewing. The thing here is to find the read thread that goes thrue all of the pieces. And I am to make pieces that I can match with each other.
Why have`nt I thought about that before, you say?! Well, when it comes to pattern and fabric shopping, I am like a child in a candy store! I just cant think rationally.
To quote Colette:

  "Let’s think about form and function, the deeper implications of our choices, how clothing reflects each of our identities, and how we can sew more and buy less."

So now it is time to take a step back, and actually think a bit before I buy or make anything new.
That is why I am hopping on this train that is about to leave the Colette Station, and take us on a trip of wardeobe-building and self-searching. I think, actually I know that this will be a very interesting and experiensing trip.

All a board!!

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