Friday, March 7, 2014

A late post of my to favourite pieces of me-mades, the Laurel and Beignet

Well, this is awkward..... One of my favourit pieces was finnished almost 5 months ago, and I have`nt blogged about it! (what kind of blogger am I?.... dont answer that....)

I made a second verison of Colette Patterns Laurel dress. My first was this one. It was ok, but not GREAT.
So I wanted to make another one. This time whit the cute ruffled things on the arms.
And allso, I made pockets. A dress neeeeeds pockets! I made them whit a contrast cotton fabric.
I am very impressed whit this dress, as it has a great fit and gives a nice silhouette. I use it to work as well as more special occacions. Simple to style up or down whit different accecories and shoes.
It is the most worn me-made item in my wordrobe.
But I had some fitting issues this time around on the Laurel, since the fabric is a bit more bulkier. And it has some stretch...
So I put in a few extra darts on both the back and on the bust area. Allso the waist got some, and it gave the dress some lovely tucks.


Along whit the grey suited Laurel dress, the Beignet skirt, allso from Colette patterns, is allso one of my biggest prides sewing-vise. You can read more of the Beignet here.
These two pieces are both made out of the same fabric. Unfortunately, now I am out.....


  1. Love the dress Tone! The ruffles on the arms are a lovely detail. I'm planning on making a shift dress as well, as they are so easy to wear on almost every occasion.

    1. Thanks Essi:) I love love love shift dresses! Cant wait to Ser yourse! Do you have a spesific pattern you are planning on using? Maybe a go-to-pattern?


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