Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My newly discovered passion for furniture furbishing {A blog launch}

I try to maintaine this blog simply as a craft-blog (e.g. sewing and knitting).
But lately I have found the need to blog about my furbishing experiments and finds. Because it is simply amazing what you can make out of a tired and worn out table or dresser. I have gained a lot of inspiration and experience, and just wanting to share with the world what can be made out of so little.
My main focus is furbishing for less. I want to save money, not spend it. So second-hand and thrifting is the key-words here! It has only one post so far, but I promise, there is ALOT on the drawing board! I have quite a few finnished items to show you:)

So, if you are interested, you are more then welcome to stop by my newly-launched blog

Frugal Furbishing


  1. I'll definately add this to my reading list :)

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