Friday, March 7, 2014

The perfect Lady Skater Dress with a twist

By now, I am pretty shure that "everyone" has heard, or even made Kitchy Coo`s famous Lady Skater dress. As usuall I am late to the party... I overthink and over-process the whole thing EVERY TIME I have my mind set to make something. That means hours and hours of Pinteresting for ideas, reading and searching other bloggers thoughts about the pattern, and looking at pictures of the finnished results.

I really liked the pattern and the dress, but I am very self-conscious about my stomach-area (show me a woman who`s not!), therefore I had a problem whit the whole knit-dress-stomach-hugging thing.
ALLSO! I have been wanting a wrap dress since FOREVER! And I thought that the Lady Skater pattern would be perfect for that kind of thing.... I just had to convert the bodice to a wrap... but how?
I am not a fan of self drafting patterns. I am more like the "Hey! A perfect pattern that hundreds of people have allready tried out and aproved"-kind of gal`.
Now that I allready had the LSD-pattern  (wow... did that just spell LSD??...) I needed a pattern that someone else allready had tried out. That`s when I found Sew a straight lines` hacked version of the Lady Skater Dress, altered into a wrap dress! It was a wrap! Litteraly!  Check out here super tutorial on how to make you`re skater dress to a faux wrap dress!

It was all very easy peacy! The Lady Skater is pretty simple to sew up. Could that just be because I got a serger for my birthday a few weeks ago? Hahaha.. It was actually my first project ever on a serger.
A little nerve-wrecked over the fact that I coul cut the fabric on the serger-knife. But It worked out just well.

And now for some pictures...

Such a great pattern calls for a great introduction ;)

Close up on the waist-belt wich I can tie round my waist 2-3 times,
the 3/4 arm-cuff and the bodice wrap. I stitched the pieces together whit 
a few stitches just to avoid my girls falling out...

I am very please whit the results, and it will defenitely not be my last one, since I love wrap dresses.
I personally think that a wrap dress whit a belt like this helps to camuflage the stomach area, and that was eccactly my intension! Mission acomplished.

Have you made Kitchy Coos Lady Skater Dress? What was your verdict? I would love to see pictures:)


  1. How perfectly gorgeous! I love it as a wrap dress - I adore wrap dresses!!! ;) Beautiful fabric as well - I do enjoy seeing all your creations!
    Are you part of/Have you seen the Perfect Pattern Parcel road trip? The Skater Dress is part of the package! ;)

    1. Thank you! That is so kind:) yeas, i just read about it this evening. I really like the concept! Very tempting:)

  2. I love the fabric you have used and the wrap dress has worked really well.

  3. I love this dress too and have just made a drop waist version. Love the wrap hack. Might have to give that a try!


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